19 Unique Christmas Home Decor Ideas That Will Make You Smile

These Christmas home decor ideas will impress your guests and get you in the holiday spirit. Learn how to recreate them in your own home now!

Christmas home decor ideas

I don’t know about you guys, but once November 1st rolls around I instantly switch gears into the Christmas season!

Maybe it’s because I live in Canada and we have our Thanksgiving a lot earlier than in the US, but once Halloween is done, the next holiday on my mind is Christmas.

Actually, I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, so really I start getting excited for Christmas right after Canadian Thanksgiving haha!

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Christmas home decor ideas

I love everything about the holiday season!

The weather, the family time, the movies, the music, the food, and the fact that everyone seems just a little bit kinder to each other in the spirit of the season (although it would be awesome if everyone was kind to each other year round).

But I especially love decorating for the holidays!

So I wanted to share some of the inspiration I came across this year and how you can recreate these Christmas home decor ideas yourself!

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Whether you’re looking for apartment Christmas decor, small apartment Christmas decor, or just general Christmas home decor ideas – all of these inspirational images can be recreated to fit your space and achieve your Christmas decor vision!

So turn on some Michael Buble Christmas music and get ready to be inspired by these gorgeous & easy Christmas home decor ideas!

19 Christmas Home Decor Ideas:

1. Big Sign & Snowy Trees

How dreamy does this Christmas set up look!?

With the farm fresh Christmas Tree sign as the focal point, some DIY (or purchased) paper snowflakes hanging above, and a couple (or more!) flocked Christmas trees around you, I don’t know how your home could get any more magical!

This is one of my favourite Christmas home decor ideas on this list!

Recreate it:

Christmas home decor ideas 2019
Christmas home decor ideas 2020
Christmas door decoration ideas for home

2. Cableknit, Twig Wreath & Silver Bells

If you’re looking for a more rustic, farmhouse Christmas aesthetic – a twig wreath is the perfect alternative to the traditional pine wreath.

Hang some cable knit stockings to make your space feel cozier and pull it all together with draped silver bell garland and metallic silver tabletop trees for a little shine!

Recreate it:

Christmas party decoration ideas at home
style at home Christmas decorating ideas
better homes and gardens outdoor Christmas decorating ideas
Christmas decorating ideas for nursing homes

3. Barstool Wreaths

How cute is this idea for your kitchen bar stools or dining room chairs!?

Any small wreaths will do, but the handmade lambs ear wreaths below are my absolute favourite!

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, the boxwood wreaths below would also look great.

Stick a bow on each one with some ribbon, tie them to the chairs, and get ready for a whole bunch of compliments!

Recreate it:

home garden Christmas decoration ideas
Christmas decorating ideas for small homes
country home Christmas decorating ideas

4. Winter Activities Mantel

How would you love for your winter mantel to look as beautiful as this?

Start by writing your favourite Christmas quote on a framed chalkboard (which you can also use and personalize year round!)

Next drape eucalyptus garland (which has become SUPER popular of late), hang up some stockings, weave through some wooden beads, and put some candles on beautiful golden candlesticks.

Lastly, prop up a traditional wooden sled and hang a pair of decorative ice skates over top.

Recreate it:

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Christmas home decor ideas Philippines
Christmas home decor ideas diy
Christmas home decor ideas youtube

5. Cinnamon Candle Arrangement

This cinnamon candle arrangement is super easy to DIY, makes for the perfect centrepiece in any room that needs more holiday cheer, and SMELLS INCREDIBLE!

All you need is a tray of your choice, a few medium height & diameter candles, some greenery (in this case eucalyptus), and lastly, some fragrant cinnamon sticks.

Out of all the Christmas home decor ideas on this list, this one definitely smells the most like Christmas!

Recreate it:

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simple Christmas home decor ideas
how to decorate your home for Christmas

6. “Ho Ho Ho” Staircase

These festive stairs are the perfect example that there’s an opportunity for holiday creativity in every part of your home!

Spell out any holiday phrase of your choice and space it out with festive lanterns or any other elements from these other Christmas home decor ideas.

Recreate it:

Christmas house decorations inside
Christmas decorations ideas 2020

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7. Birchwood Vases

Another stunning and easy to DIY centrepiece that would right at home on your dining room table!

All you need are some birch vases, holiday greenery, and a minimalist birch light-up tree.

Recreate it:

Christmas decorating ideas 2020
Christmas house decorations outside
Christmas decoration ideasdiy

8. Bells & Hanging Wreath Set

Throw some holiday spirit into your entryway with some hanging bells on your coat closet handle, some little wreaths floating up above, and a neutral cream pot with a small flocked Christmas tree.

Recreate it:

traditional Christmas decorating ideas
Christmas decorating ideas 2019

9. Joyous Staircase

The mix of textures and clever replacement of the letter “O” for this Joy-ous staircase is absolutely beautiful!

Spell out “JOY” (or another Christmas word with an “O”, like “JOLLY”) with some large galvanized metal letters and a gorgeous wreath.

Recreate it:

10. Hot Chocolate Station

This kitchen decor idea is perfect for kids (but let’s be real, you don’t need kids in the house to justify the need for a hot chocolate station)!

Flip a wooden storage box on its side, fill some mason jars with hot chocolate powder and your choice of toppings/fix-ins, line up some cute Christmas mugs on top, and prop up a sign to let everyone know your hot cocoa bar is open for business!

Recreate it:

11. Thick Garland & Candlesticks

This mantel design is simple, but stunning!

You’ll need a good amount of thick and full garland, draped expertly to hang over one side for interesting proportions.

Keep the rest simple with skinny gold candlesticks, thin beeswax candles, and an earthy brown wicker basket to store your cozy winter blankets.

Recreate it:

12. Basket Tree

Looking for a bohemian, minimalist, easy-to-set-up Christmas tree?

Put a flocked tree in a wicker basket and twirl some bead garland around it.

VOILA! That’s it!

Now go watch a Christmas movie and drink some hot chocolate with all the time you saved!

Recreate it:

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13. Tiered Winter Tray

This rustic tiered winter tray is a cute addition to any kitchen countertop (or really anywhere in the house)!

It’s really up to you what little decorations you want to put on it (or that you already have), but the pinecones and little holiday greenery below work perfectly sprinkled in between it all.

Recreate it:

14. Festive Kitchen

Make your kitchen extra jolly this Christmas by hanging mini wreaths with a plaid ribbon over your windows, arranging winter greenery in plaid metal buckets, and putting out a festive floor mat and Christmas napkins!

Recreate it:

15. Eucalyptus Mantel

Whether you have a fireplace mantel or not in your home, get inspired by the elements in the picture and make it work for your space.

This same technique with eucalyptus, wooden beads, and a wood art piece would look stunning across any dresser, TV stand, or shelf!

Recreate it:

16. Unique Bohemian Decor

Although it’s a little untraditional, this mantel with a mix of textures still emulates that Christmas sparkle in its own unique way!

Really anything would work with this theme, but the bohemian fringe stockings, beautiful gold ornaments, and cute straw star below are a great place to start.

Recreate it:

17. Holiday Themed Bathroom

Pick a theme or colour scheme for your bathroom and run with it!

The suggestions below are brown gingerbread themed, but other fun ideas are Christmas gnomes, snowmen, elves or santas!

Recreate it:

18. Rustic Winter Bedroom

Make this simple rustic bedroom yours with a wooden headboard, festive Christmas garland, and a neutral canvas holiday pillow.

Recreate it:

19. Fun & Festive Door Mat

Greet your guests with holiday cheer before they even step into your home with a fun and festive Christmas door mat!

Choose your favourite Christmas song lyric, a quote from your favourite Christmas movie, or simply one iwth a beautiful festive design.

Recreate it:

I hope you loved these Christmas home decor ideas!

If you did, please let me know what ideas you tried out or if there are any go-to Christmas home decor ideas you have that weren’t on this list!

And if you’re comfortable emailing me pictures of how everything turned out, I would love to see them!

Just send them along to [email protected]

Please also don’t forget to pin this post for reference when you start to decorate for the holidays.

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