35 Perfect Gifts For Boyfriend That He’ll Actually Love

Looking for some perfect gifts for your boyfriend?

perfect gifts for boyfriend

This is a boyfriend-approved post!

Every one of these gifts was vetted (or suggested) by my boyfriend, so you can be sure that these are gifts your boyfriend is actually going to love and use!

If you’re looking to read your boyfriend’s mind and find some unique gifts for boyfriend that you won’t find anywhere else, then this is the gift guide for you!

Read on to find out all about the perfect gifts for boyfriend.

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Our top gifts for boyfriend:

Best Overall: PS5 Console

Best Under $25: Watch Box

Best Tech: Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Most Unique: Bartesian Cocktail Machine

Most Popular: Ugg Slippers

Most Practical: Yeti Cooler

Perfect gifts for boyfriend:

1. AirPods

thoughtful gifts for boyfriend
unique gift for boyfriend

Give your boyfriend the gift of great-sounding music for when he’s commuting, running, working, studying or just chilling.

2. Tile bluetooth tracker

gifts for boyfriend anniversary

Help him keep track of his keys and other valuables with these neat tile devices. Just clip or stick them on and he’ll never lose his valuables ever again!

3. Sports merch

personalized gifts for boyfriend
creative gifts for boyfriend
cute gifts for boyfriend

Show him you support him and his team by decking him out in some sports merch. Look up his favourite team on Amazon or directly on merch shops for the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and F1 for more inspiration.

I know my boyfriend loves F1 and he’s always super excited to get a new Lewis Hamilton hat every season!

4. PS5

romantic gifts for boyfriend
romantic gift for boyfriend

Hopefully this console needs no introduction, because this is the ULTIMATE gift for boyfriend!

If your boyfriend downloads all his games digitally – get the digital edition (it’s slightly cheaper than the one with the disk slot for physical games).

No joke – I think if you get your boyfriend this he’ll probably cry … and then game with the boys while ignoring you for the rest of the night lol.

5. PS5 accessories

gifts for boyfriend christmas
gift for boyfriend christmas

If the PS5 is too pricey (or he already got one for himself), you can still show your support for his video game skills by getting him a controller or two.

The charging station is another great accessory you can buy him so that he doesn’t always have to plug in his controllers to charge (and it displays his controllers in a cool way).

6. Whiskey stones gift set

gifts for boyfriend birthday unique

Save your man from watered-down whiskey with these handy whiskey stones.

7. Yeti cooler

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend

If your guy is a camper, or outdoorsy, or in construction (like mine!) think cooler is trendy, durable and keeps things cold for a reeealllyyy long time!

8. Sneakers

birthday gift for boyfriend who has everything
romantic birthday gifts for him

My boyfriend has a shoe problem and I’ll admit that I keep enabling it by buying him more sneakers haha.

Out of all the sneakers he has, Adidas NMDs and Ultraboost are his favourite (and the comfiest)!

There are so many colours to choose from, so you really can’t go wrong with this gift.

9. Cologne

creative gifts for boyfriend

Do yourself a favor and read the amazing and hilarious reviews for this cologne.

The first review will make your day haha!

10. Funko Pops

thoughtful gifts for boyfriend
birthday gifts for boyfriend 25
meaningful gift for boyfriend
christmas gifts for boyfriend 2020

The suggestions above are from South Park, Rick and Morty and Deadpool, which 99.99% of guys have watched.

Personally, the Mr. Meeseeks one is my favourite lol.

Picking just a few of these was really hard because there is a Funko Pop for pretty much every show, movie and person you can think of.

So brainstorm your boyfriend’s interests and find the perfect pop for him!

11. Ugg slippers

christmas gifts for boyfriend teenage
christmas gifts for boyfriend ideas

I believe my boyfriend’s exact words when I asked if I should include these were “Uggs are the sh*t. They’re so soft”.

So it’s safe to say he loves his haha.

12. Vintage Card Holder

christmas gifts for boyfriend pinterest

This cardholder is trendy, dressy, and less bulky than carrying around a full wallet, which is great for dinner or going out.

13. Apple Watch

christmas gifts for boyfriend amazon

Another product that needs no introduction.

Seriously, every person I know that has an Apple watch loves it, so I’m sure your boyfriend will too!

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14. Military-inspired Seiko watch

christmas gifts for boyfriend cheap

If you’re looking for a nice watch that won’t break the bank, Seiko is a great brand to check out.

My boyfriend really likes watches and knows an impressive amount about them.

Without going into some super high-end (and expensive) suggestions, this watch was his pick for this price range.

15. Watch box

christmas gifts for boyfriend etsy
gifts for boyfriend etsy

If your boyfriend has a watch collection, this is a great gift idea to let him show them all off and keep them organized in one place!

16. USB charging stand

If your boyfriend has a lot of technology, this will help keep it all organized and charged.

17. Workout clothing

You can never have enough workout clothes!

Underarmour clothes are really comfy and are especially good for taller guys and guys with longer torsos (like my boyfriend!)

18. Yeti mug

Everyone needs a good travel mug and this one is the best of the best.

19. Blundstones

Blundstone makes boots for guys and girls and they’re honestly the most trendy and comfy boot ever!

They automatically elevate any outfit and make a guy look instantly put together.

20. Beef jerky

I kept seeing this suggestion on a few other gifts for boyfriend guides and thought to myself:

“Who the heck would want beef jerky as a gift?”

Then I asked my boyfriend if he’d like it and HE GOT SO EXCITED ABOUT BEEF JERKY GUYS!

Dudes love food in general, so just trust the beef jerky hype and don’t question it lol

21. Beard kit

I’m not sure when beard oil and grooming got so popular, but I’m here for it.

This kit has everything your boyfriend will ever need to get the perfect beard!

22. Nespresso coffee machine

Who doesn’t love coffee!?

Give your boyfriend the gift of AMAZING coffee every morning!

The Nespresso my boyfriend has (first pic) is great for limited counter space and uses the original Nespresso pods.

The one I have (second pic) is slightly larger, has a bit more water and capsule ejection storage capacity, and uses the newer Vertuo capsules.

Both machines are available as a set with an aeroccino (which is just Nespresso’s fancy term for a milk frothier).

I’d recommend going with the set since that’ll allow him to make cappuccinos and lattes and it’s cheaper as a bundle than buying each component separately.

23. Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

This thing is SO COOL!

It’s essentially the Nespresso of alcoholic drinks.

We got this for a friend and now we want one too!

Your boyfriend will definitely be the life of the party with this sophisticated cocktail machine.

24. Hot sauce

This set of hot sauces has flaming hot reviews on Amazon and if your boyfriend is a hot sauce fan, he’s sure to enjoy these!

25. Hunter boots

Practical and stylish!

What more could you ask for in a rain boot?

26. Fun set of socks

Fun socks are an awesome way to showcase personality and start conversations!

This set has some fun patterns, but you can also look for socks that have your boyfriend’s favourite animal, sports team, or food on them to make this gift extra special.

27. Rayban sunglasses

This is a great go-to gift for any guy!

The clubmasters above are the most popular, but there are tons of other styles to choose from if you think your guy would like aviators or round sunglasses better.

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28. Funny mug

I think you get the gist of this one from the examples above.

My boyfriend and I had a good laugh at the mugs above, but there’s so many more to choose from if you want to personalize them to your boyfriend’s humour or interests.

29. Nike tech fleece sweater and/or jogger

You can’t go wrong with this tracksuit (or even if you just buy one of them)!

Both the joggers and sweater are super well fitted, extremely comfortable and give an all-around polished look (even though it’s a tracksuit!)

My boyfriend absolutely loves his and has them in a few different colours.

30. Hershel laptop sleeve

These sleeves are super popular among guys to keep their laptops in and come in a bunch of different colours and designs.

31. Wireless bluetooth speaker

This small but mighty speaker is perfect for carrying around and taking music with him wherever he goes.

32. Levi’s jeans

If your guy hasn’t tried Levi’s jeans yet then he’s missing out!

33. Messenger bag

This leather bag screams “I’m a sophisticated corporate guy carrying important documents”.

34. Klean Kanteen water bottle

There are so many colour options to choose from and it keeps liquid cold for hours!

35. Casper pillow

If there’s one thing guys love, it’s their sleep!

My boyfriend and I both have these pillows and we’ve never looked back.

It’s like resting your head on a cloud.

I hope you enjoyed this list of gifts for boyfriend!

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