7 Best & Affordable Diptyque Perfume Dupes You Need

When you think of accessories for an outfit, you think a pair of earrings, necklace, scarf, maybe even a belt.

Rarely do you think of fragrance and perfume as an accessory, but that’s truly what it is.

The compliment you as a person and leave an impression on everyone who meets you.

In fact, when someone is wearing a cologne or perfume, it is one of the first things you notice about them!

That being said, perfume and fragrances have a whole world of their own.

They have been an important part of human life since its creation in ancient Egypt.

It has been used for religious ceremonies, sacred rituals and even as a way to show status.

Over time, the use of fragrance has changed.

We now use them as a way to make ourselves feel more confident and express ourselves.

One of the most popular high end perfume and candle brands is Diptyque.

It is a company that started in 1961 in Paris, France that specializes in quality scents that do not use synthetic fragrances.

Their fragrances are incredible, that is not even a question.

The only downside is the price.

One 190g candle costs $70, and not everyone has that much to spend on a single candle.

Luckily for you, we have put together this list of the best dupes for several of the most popular scents that Diptyque has to offer!

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Best Dupes For the Most Popular Diptyque Scents:

1. Diptyque Baies / Berries Candle vs DUPE: Seda France Pagoda Candle Japanese Quince

First, we want to recommend a Diptyque Baies dupe.

Baies is a fruity scented candle inspired by blackcurrant berries.

You will also get hints of roses in there, so it’ll make you feel like you’re walking through a garden.

It is one of the most famous scents that Diptyque carries, and our dupe for it is the Japanese Quince Classic Toile Pagoda Box Candle by Seda France.

The fragrances used in the candle by Seda France are not exactly the same as the Diptyque version, but they both contain fruity and floral scents.

Even Redditors on the r/Candle group claim this is the best dupe for the Diptyque Baies because the scent is pretty spot-on.

Of course, it is much cheaper than the original by Diptyque.

For $29.27, you will get 10.2 oz and approximately 60 hours of burn time.

2. Diptyque Baies / Berries Candle vs DUPE: Madewell Rosewood Cassis

Another Diptyque candle dupe for the scent Baies is Rosewood Cassis by Madewell.

It is a soy wax candle that has hints of bergamot, amber, black tea rose, sea salt, and neroli.

You will smell citrus, fried roses, and even an ocean breeze.

Madewell describes it as “a sunny afternoon in a French garden” which is pretty much the same as Diptyque Baies!

It comes in a reusable glass container and only costs $25 for 8.8 oz.

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3. Diptyque Do Son vs DUPE: Dossier Ambery Tuberose

The Do Son scent by Diptyque was inspired by the actual place Do Son, which is a resort in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

One of Diptyque’s founders, Yves Coueslant, would spend his summers in Do Son as a child and wanted to dedicate this candle to this memory from his childhood.

This scent is very light and airy with hints of tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine.

One user says, “it reminds me of warm summer nights by the beach.”

That comment alone feels very inviting, but if you don’t want to spend a big buck on the Diptyque version, try out Ambery Rose by Dossier.

This is actually a perfume, and it was inspired by Diptyque’s Do Son.

It contains very similar scents such as orange blossom and tuberose, along with daffodil, musk, orris, rose and benzoin.

Many users claim it lasts a long time and for the price, a couple extra sprays throughout the day won’t hurt!

While the Do Son Eau de toilette costs $108 for 50 ml, Dossier’s Ambery Rose is only $29 for the same amount of product!

4. Diptyque Figuier / Fig Tree vs DUPE: Nº 15 Fig Tree

Figuier by Diptyque is a fruity scented candle with a fresh hint of fig.

Though it seems like a rare scent, the fig is mixed with fresh woody and green notes for a warm inviting feeling.

Many users place this candle in their kitchen or bathroom because it fills the air with a fresh and clean vibe.

You will catch the sweetness of the fig as well as the warmth of the bark, the milky sap and the green leaves.

It is a very unique scent, and we found a perfect dupe!

The Nº15 Fig Tree Candle by Mia’s Co. is a soy candle that contains fig, geranium and jasmine, as well as bamboo, moss, saffron and patchouli.

It’s a unique blend of notes that “embodies the transition between autumn and spring, when leaves have fallen and are ready to bloom again, skipping winter season.”

For only $21.95, you can get this lovely 7.5 oz pick-me-up candle.

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5. Diptyque Eau Duelle vs DUPE: No. 7 Vanilla Leather

Eau Duelle is definitely one of the most popular scents that Diptyque has created. It has the classic vanilla scent, but not a sweet candy type that most vanilla scents have.

This scent by Diptyque is sophisticated with notes of pink peppercorn, cypriol, and calamus that complement the Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Vanilla isn’t a scent for everyone, but if you’re on the search for a dupe for Eau Duelle, you won’t be disappointed by the Vanilla Leather by No. 7.

This dupe rec is a candle version of the Eau Duelle perfume, so keep that difference in mind.

The leather is a bit intriguing, but it complements the vanilla so nicely and tones down the strong scent vanilla sometimes has.

This is popular amongst everyone because it is neither masculine nor feminine.

It is a lovely candle to burn while hanging out with family and friends by the fire sharing laughs.

It costs $38.99 for 9 oz, and though it is one of the pricier dupes on this list, you’ll still be saving money since the Diptyque perfume version costs $190 for 75 ml.

6. Diptyque Fleur de Peau vs DUPE: Glossier You

The last Diptyque scent that we’ll touch on is Fleur de Peau which is very intriguing and interesting.

It is described as the no-makeup makeup version of perfume.

It’s a musky scent that is accompanied by light fruity and rose notes.

It is supposed to be a tribute to the mythical love between Psyche and Eros.

Musk, iris, ambrettolide and pink peppercorns are mixed together to create a modern and minimalistic scent.

Overall, Fleur de Peau has a skin scent that is perfect to wear kind of on a regular basis, meaning it’s not the type of perfume where you want to grab everyone’s attention and make a statement.

Instead of paying $190 for 75 ml, you can try out Glossier’s You.

Glossier has many fan favorites and they didn’t disappoint with this perfume.

It is made of pink pepper, iris, ambrette seeds and ambrox so you’ll get the spicy, floral, woody, musky smells of it all.

It is supposed to resemble how you smell: soft, warm and familiar.

One user shares her experience by commenting, “This perfume is the best thing I have ever purchased. I have never gotten so many compliments on a fragrance in my entire life. It’s the best fresh, warm, clean smell ever.”

This is definitely the most pricey dupe recommendation on the list because it costs $60 for 50 ml, which is understandable if it’s still a bit steep for someone looking for a Fleur de Peau dupe.

Either way, it’s still much more affordable than the original and it’s worth it if you’re in love with the scent!

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7. Diptyque Fleur de Peau vs DUPE: The Body Shop White Musk

Our last recommendation is White Musk by The Body Shop.

It is a dupe for Diptyque’s Fleur de Peau because it contains the same subtle musky scents.

It is equally calming and delicate with its blend of clean aldehydes, jasmine and sensual musk.

The Body Shop claims that White Musk will leave you feeling empowered, uplifted, unstoppable and possibly nostalgic.

Though many love this scent, a few of them claim the smell is almost too soft to the point where it’s hardly noticeable.

Regardless, it’s a great dupe to try out before buying the Fleur de Peau by Diptyque since it’s only $20 for 1 fl oz.

Diptyque Dupes Wrap-Up

With all these amazing dupes for the Diptyque fragrances, you can thankfully find something that you enjoy without having to put a dent in your wallet.

Perfume and scents are so important to us because they bring a certain feeling and energy to a setting.

A lot of times, we are quickly taken back to past memories because of certain smells: that’s how important scents are!

Everyone deserves to smell as wonderful and luxurious as these Diptyque scents, which is why we enjoy finding the best dupes for you!

I hope that you enjoyed this article on all the Diptyque dupes you can check out!

You can now wear your favorite scent every day, or fill up your home with comfort with one of these suggestions.

Do you have any other dupes that we forgot to mention?

Please let me know!

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