Hi, I’m Stef

I’m a sloth loving millennial, with a passion for trying new products and learning everything there is to know about them – so that I can find the perfect products for every aspect of my life.

On any given evening or weekend, you’ll probably find me in my room working on my blog – surrounded by every type of sloth decor you can imagine (no joke, I can count eight stuffed sloths around my room as I type this).

Other times, you’ll find me and my boyfriend splitting our binge-watching between serious, this-is-some-heavy-stuff documentaries balanced with mental breaks from all of life’s existential problems (mostly brought on by the aforementioned documentaries) through some light-hearted reality tv (Love Island, Ex on The Beach, and Jersey Shore anyone?).

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

traveling Europe

Listening to

punk rock

grateful for

my family

Favorite place


fav Makeup Brand

Charlotte tilbury

Favorite Animal


About my beauty dupe blog

Before making a purchase, I always do a CRAZY amount of research (sometimes maybe a little too much lol).

Product reviews and round-ups in particular have always been an extremely important resource for me before deciding to buy pretty much anything.

They give a better idea of what new products people are talking about, what claims those products are making, what others REALLY think about them, and most importantly, whether they’re worth the hard-earned money they cost.

My mission with this blog is to be that helpful resource for you and make your life easier by consolidating my personal experience, along with the expertise and opinions of others, to provide you with a catered list of top beauty dupes across a variety of different brands and help you save time and money with all the information you need in one place.

My hope is that this helps you find your next favorite makeup, skincare or fragrance dupe (or a new favorite for someone else) !