7 Glossier Skywash Dupes for a Long Lasting Pop of Color

Trying to find the best and most affordable Glossier Skywash dupes?

In 2014, Glossier was founded and instantly made a huge name for itself.

Their makeup products are very lightweight and emphasize natural skin and facial features rather than cover them up completely.

Seven years later and Glossier is still a favorite amongst many makeup and skincare users around the world.

Amongst the many wonderful products that Glossier has to offer is the Skywash Sheer Matte Lid Tint.

It is a beautiful, long wearing, and smudge-proof liquid eye shadow that starts as a liquid but dries into a soft velvety powder.

The Skywash Lid Tint comes in seven colors and adds a perfect hint of color onto your eyelids to complete any makeup look!

If you can’t get enough of this product but are looking for a dupe for Glossier Skywash that is more affordable or offers a wider color range, keep reading because you won’t want to miss out on our amazing recs!

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Best Glossier Skywash Dupes:

1. Glossier Skywash vs DUPE: R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadows Matte Liquid Eyeshadow

The first dupe for Skywash from Glossier is from R.E.M. Beauty, a new makeup brand created by famous pop singer Ariana Grande.

The Midnight Shadows Matte Liquid Eyeshadow is a powerfully pigmented liquid eyeshadow that will last all day.

It is waterproof and crease-resistant; this liquid eyeshadow is not going to move or wear off throughout the day!

Though there isn’t much variety in color, it is available in 10 different pink and brown shades with nude or mauve tones.

If you are looking for more color, R.E.M. Beauty does have the Midnight Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow that offers more colors that are metallic and iridescent.

Regardless, they are absolutely stunning on the lid, and they give you plenty of time to blend before drying out.

A buyer left a review saying, “It’s literally perfect! The shade, the texture, the quality, the packaging, everything! I absolutely fell in love with this. Thank you, Ari.”

For $16, you will get 0.13 oz of product which is a tad cheaper than the Glossier Skywash.

2. Glossier Skywash vs DUPE: Flower Beauty Watercolor Eye Tint

Next is the Watercolor Eye Tint by Flower Beauty.

This sheer eye tint leaves you looking like someone out of a beautiful watercolor painting.

Infused with rose water, your lids will get a beautiful touch of color while feeling soothed and calmed.

Though it is a bit sheer, you can easily build up the color by applying more layers.

There are 6 beautiful shimmery colors that add a beautiful, radiant and luminous finish to any makeup look.

Thankfully, this eye tint will not crease on your eye lids and will last all day long.

It’s definitely affordable and only costs $9.99 for 0.16 oz of product.

3. Glossier Skywash vs DUPE: About-Face Matte Fluid Eye Paint

The Matte Fluid Eye Paint by About-Face offers a huge selection of vibrant colors that are usually hard to find within other makeup brands, which makes it perfect for those who love to experiment with lots of color.

Just one swipe on the lid is powerful enough to provide bold yet buildable pigment.

The smooth “no-budge, no-smudge” formula of the Matte Fluid Eye Paint is a think consistency that will cut your makeup routine time in half because of how pigmented and easy it is to blend!

Sticky summer days, rainstorms, and even sweaty workouts, Nicola Dall’asen from Allure claims these eye paints will last all day, no matter what.

For $24, you will get 0.15 oz of product which is a bit more pricey that the Glossier Skywash.

Is it worth it?


You will fall in love just by seeing that wide range of beautiful shades.  

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4. Glossier Skywash vs DUPE: Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow

Though Rare Beauty only has two years on the market, their products instantly became favorites amongst many around the world.

The products are posted all over social media by many influencers and celebrities.

The Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow is a velvety-smooth liquid that dries to a soft powder and adds a beautiful wash of color to the eyelids.

These liquid eyeshadows were made for every skin type, even dry skin.

You won’t experience any flaking; it will last all day and is water resistant.

Founder Selena Gomez says, “This collection celebrates the soft, flushed look we get when we feel the most vulnerable.”

Her statement perfectly describes the five beautiful natural shades in this collection.

A buyer states, “I love the color and have a hard time finding a shadow that stays. I have hooded lids so several shadows crease and smudge after just a couple of hours. This covers smoothly and lasts!”

The only downside to this liquid eyeshadow is that it’s a bit more pricey than the Glossier Skywash.

For $20, you will only get 0.10 oz of product.

Other than that, there’s truly nothing negative to say about this wonderful product.

5. Glossier Skywash vs DUPE: e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eye Shadow

Easily one of the most popular drugstore brands, and a Reddit favorite, e.l.f. Cosmetics has a stunning glitter eyeshadow that adds glitz to any makeup look.

The Liquid Glitter Eye Shadow is a gel-based formula that swipes on nicely and lasts all day with minimal fall out.

It has an opaque coverage, but layering will make the multi-dimensional glitter and pearls pop with each added swipe.

Eleven different colors are available for this glitter eye shadow. 

Two of the colors available are perfect shade toppers because they are shimmery and iridescent, so they add shine without reducing the color of the shade itself.

E.L.F. is known for having great quality products at an incredibly affordable price.

This liquid eye shadow is the most affordable out of all of our recommendations.

You will get 0.1 oz of product at only $6!

That’s a third of the price of Glossier’s Skywash.

If you’re on a budget, you will not regret trying out this liquid glitter eye shadow.

6. Glossier Skywash vs DUPE: Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

The Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow is quite similar to the E.L.F. product because they both contain glitter and pearls to give an incredible shimmer on the eyes.

If you’re not a fan of the one by E.L.F. you can give this one a shot, and vice versa.

This liquid eye shadow is very lightweight and glides on effortlessly while giving a budge-proof and opaque layer of color and glitter.

If you are looking for a subtle shadow, this is definitely not for you, because it will definitely bring attention to your eyes.

It is available in 11 amazing shades as well as a few other variations in formula.

For $24, you will get 0.15 oz of product.

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7. Glossier Skywash vs DUPE: Pixi EyeLift Max

The EyeLift Max by Pixi is a sheer liquid shadow that adds a beautiful and delicate touch of color to the eyelids with its mousse-like formula.

It gives a soft-focus effect similar to Skywash by Glossier. Easy to blend, buildable, crease and smudge proof, this product is a great alternative!

It costs $14 for 0.12 oz of product, and many buyers enjoy how hydrating this product is on the eyelids.

One buyer uses this for multiple uses and claims, “I love using this on my eyelids, inner corner of the eyes, arch of my brow bones, high cheek bones and Cupid’s bow for a light highlight – so pretty!”

One of the most sought out shades of the Glossier Skywash is the color Terra which is a stunning burnt sienna.

It is a beautiful orange-red shade that warms up the eyes.

Pixi EyeLift has the perfect glossier skywash terra dupe in the shade Copper!

The only difference is that the Pixi version has a bit of shimmer to it.

Glossier Skywash Dupes Wrap-Up

There are many dupes for the Glossier Skywash Lid Tint, especially for popular colors like Terra and Pool.

Whether it’s drugstore or high-end, you’ll surely find a liquid shadow that is perfect for your makeup look.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to buy high-end products, especially if you are new to makeup.

The drugstore options mentioned in this article work just as great, and some offer more shades to choose from!

If you enjoyed this dupe post, I have a bunch of other ones in the Beauty category of my blog you should also check out.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet and take care!

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