33 Unique & Thoughtful DIY Gifts For Him He’ll Never Forget

Searching for some DIY gifts for him that are unique, thoughtful & easy to make? This post has a collection of funny, cute & sentimental DIY gifts for him that he will totally love and appreciate!

DIY gifts for him

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While presents that are bought can have a lot of meaning, there’s something extra special about making someone a personalized gift with your own two hands.

It’s in your control to make the gift as simple, complex, funny, or romantic as you choose and the person receiving it is guaranteed to feel like the most important person in the world when they receive what you made unique for them.

Make your significant other feel like a million bucks and show them how much they mean to you with one of these perfect DIY gifts for him.

DIY gifts for him:

1. Framed scrabble art

Grab a shadow box (or deep frame), some scrabble letters, and spell out an interconnected phrase, your names, or simply “i love you”.

DIY it at home:

diy anniversary gifts for him
diy valentine gifts for him

2. Sentimental scrapbook

Document your time together, and bring him through memory lane, with a sentimental scrapbook!

The ones below are based off the movie Up!, but any good quality scrapbook will work just as well.

DIY it at home:

diy birthday gifts for him
diy valentine's day gifts for him

3. Beer bouquet

Grab a six-pack of his favourite beer, put it in a carrier (like this cute one), stuff it with green tissue paper, and cut & paste some petals to the tops of the bottles.

This is definitely a bouquet he’ll be excited to receive!

DIY it at home:

diy gift baskets for him
diy 5 senses gift ideas for him
diy christmas gifts for him

4. “I Love …” framed picture

Pour your heart out by writing all the things you love about your partner around a framed picture of the two of you.

He’ll love reading about all the little (and big) things that make him special to you and that you appreciate about him.

DIY it at home:

homemade diy anniversary gifts for him
last minute diy anniversary gifts for him
diy gifts for him christmas

5. Movie night basket

Take the work out of date night by making this ready-to-go movie night basket for you to enjoy together.

Grab some of his favourite drinks, candy, popcorn, and chocolate and tell him he gets to choose the movie tonight (or add some dvds choices to the box).

Then decorate the box to get creative and fit with the theme, like the example above!

If you’re short on time, you can order the SnackBOX off amazon, which come ready with popcorn, candy and a digital movie voucher!

DIY it at home:

diy gifts for him just because
diy gifts for him anniversary

6. Personalized jenga

Prompt emotional or funny responses by personalizing each jenga block with questions or actions of your choosing!

DIY it at home:

diy gifts for him birthday

7. Punny mason jar snacks

I’m a sucker for puns and dad jokes, so this is one of my favourite.

Brainstorm some of his favourite snacks, put them in mason jars, and label them with corny puns about him linked to what’s inside.

DIY it at home:

diy gifts for him pinterest
diy gifts for him 2020

8. Date night jar

Never “hmm” and “haa” about dates again!

Give him the gift of time by brainstorming a bunch of date ideas, categorizing them by price/location, and organizing them all in a jar.

This gift is not only thoughtful but also really helps the two of you focus on what’s most important: spending quality time together (instead of losing time trying to figure out a date idea for hours beforehand).

DIY it at home:

diy gifts for him 2022

9. Polaroid photo album

Snap some photos with a polaroid camera and compile them in a photo album with names, places, and dates for a nice added touch.

DIY it at home:

romantic diy gifts for him
diy gifts for boyfriend not cheesy

10. Candy messages

This list of diy gifts for him wouldn’t be complete without another punny idea.

Buy his favourite candy bars (or realistically one’s that he likes but are easy to make a pun with lol) and write a cute message using the bars as words within in.

Use the example above as inspiration but the options are endless and he’s sure to get a good laugh (and a yummy snack for after)!

DIY it at home:

funny diy gifts for boyfriend
creative homemade birthday gifts for boyfriend

11. Open when letters

This idea is especially amazing if you don’t see your guy often.

The idea is to give him a stack of pre-written letters that have different instructions about when to open them.

For example, you could write one that says “open when you first get these” and explain in the letter what these are, how much you miss him, and why you wanted to write these for him.

You could also write letters for him to open when he’s stressed, sad, missing you, it’s his birthday or another holiday that you can’t be with him for, etc.

DIY it at home:

homemade gifts guys will actually like
manly handmade gifts

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12. Pull out photo box

If you have a small box, you can create a long accordion out of paper and glue pictures of the two of you like in the example above.

Alternatively, you can get this beautiful and super highly rated explosion gift box to really impress and delight him with your DIY skills!

DIY it at home:

diy gifts for husband

13. 365 note jar

For the ultimate thoughtful and sentimental gift, brainstorm some cute categories and write a note for him to open every day for a whole year.

He’ll really appreciate the love and work that went into the note jar and will look forward to opening one up every day!

DIY it at home:

diy gifts for teenage guys

14. Instax mini album

If taking polaroids in the moment isn’t your thing, this amazing mini instax printer links straight to your smartphone!

No rush to take pictures on a polaroid camera quickly or stress trying to get the perfect shot in one take!

You can print off all of your favourite photos of the two of you.that you have on your phone and compile them in a cute mini album to gift to him.

My boyfriend actually made me one of these mini albums and it was the sweetest thing ever!

DIY it at home:

15. Ticket stub box

If you keep every plane, concert, gallery and movie ticket the two of you have ever gone to, them this is the perfect gift for you to DIY!

Gather all your tickets, receipts, cards, and notes that you’ve kept and gift them to him in a shadow box that you can display and keep filling together.

Not only is this a cute way to see how much you’ve done together, but it shows you thought all of that was special enough to keep mementos of those memories and will keep adding to them together!

DIY it at home:

16. Five senses gift

Show him that you love him “with all of your senses” by getting (or making) him a gift within each category: touch, smell, sight, sound & taste.

For example, you could get him a shaving kit (touch), cologne (smell), book (sight), Spotify subscription (sound) & cook him a special dinner (taste).

DIY it at home:

17. Date night box

This idea is similar to the date night jar, except this date night box includes all the planning/payment.

Brainstorm some date ideas and get gift cards to those places to cover the cost of the date (or any supplies/tickets you need).

Then label the envelopes with a riddle as a clue, and organize them all nicely in a decorative box for him to come back to for your pre-planned date nights!

DIY it at home:

18. Photo letters

Print your favourite photos, buy some block letters to spell out “love” (or his name) and adhere the pictures to the letters with Mod Podge for the perfect finish and hold!

DIY it at home:

19. Creative photo collage

All you need is a frame, some construction paper to cut out the number of years you’ve been together, some photos of the two of you and a calculator to find out the time you’ve spent together.

You totally don’t have to go all fancy with the calligraphy, but if you’re good at it then you can use some calligraphy pens (or opt for calligraphy stickers for an easier option).

DIY it at home:

20. Shadow box of notes

Stencil a beautiful saying on the front of a shadow box and fill it with cut out hearts that have memories, messages, compliments, and other sentimental words written on them.

DIY it at home:

21. “What I love about you” flip cards

Buy a blank flip card book (or make your own with paper and a tie) and write something you love about him starting with each letter of the alphabet.

DIY it at home:

22. Milestone maps

This DIY gift is so easy and cute!

Just print off sections of map for important milestones, tape them onto a frame backing and cover them with a piece of thick paper that’s been cut out to show the maps underneath.

Then label each with the milestone below, put on the front of the frame and you’re done!

DIY it at home:

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23. Year of dates

This idea is pretty similar to the date night box, except this “year of dates” has 12 envelopes/presents for one date per month.

Brainstorm some date ideas and get gift cards to those places to cover the cost of the date (or any supplies/tickets/other stuff you need).

Then label the envelopes with the month and what the date is, or wrap them up and number them to keep things a surprise!

DIY it at home:

24. 52 things I love about you card deck

All you need for this DIY gifts for him are a deck of cards, keyrings, paper, something to write with, and something to glue with!

Write out 52 different things you love about him on small rectangles, adhere them to the cards with Mod Podge, hole punch the edges of the cards, and attach them all with keyrings.

DIY it at home:

25. Liquor heart

While this DIY gifts for him suggestion could be filled with really anything you want, and a corresponding funny saying, I found the example above hilarious!

If you’re looking for a more lighthearted DIY gift (that is funny and thoughtful, but not overly mushy), then this is the one!

Grab a heart-shaped box, some small bottles of his favourite liquor (or liquor infused chocolates), write the punny message inside and get excited for him to LOL at your preset (in a good way though!)

DIY it at home:

26. Love coupons

If you’re tight on funds, this is one of the most affordable DIY gifts for him and is a really sweet idea.

Fill out the coupons below, or make your own!

DIY it at home:

27. Memory box

Decorate a memory box for him and start filling it with pictures, stubs/receipts from past dates, cards, letters, etc. and you can keep filling it together as time goes on.

DIY it at home:

28. Melted crayon picture

You don’t need to be an artist to make this picture!

Just grab a canvas (or paper), glue pictures of you outlined in crayons in a design of your choosing, and then use a hair dryer to melt the crayons to create the rainbow drip effect.

DIY it at home:

29. Sharpie mug

This is definitely one of the most practical DIY gifts for him.

Everyone loves mugs and pretty much uses one every day, so why not make him his very own!

Buy a plain white mug, draw/write something he’ll love, and bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

DIY it at home:

30. Homemade card

These are more punny DIY gifts for him, but you can make your homemade cards as sweet, romantic, or funny as you want!

You can also throw in some 3D elements to give the card even more creativity and dimension.

While these can be made with regular paper, I prefer thicker card paper like these blank cards that are ready to be decorated.

DIY it at home:

31. Faux photobooth strips

This is one of the easiest DIY gifts for him!

Framed or unframed these are super cute.

Print off some photos, cut them out, glue them onto a long white strip of paper, and you’re done!

DIY it at home:

32. Sticky notes heart

Out of all the DIY gifts for him, this one is the least physically “givable” gift.

However, I included it as a reminder that you don’t always need an occasion to give your man a “gift” and that it doesn’t always have to be something completely tangible.

Grab some sticky notes and write some sweet messages, compliments, and things you love and appreciate about him.

Then stick them on a wall or mirror where it will surprise him and make his day!

DIY it at home:

33. Scavenger hunt

If DIY gifts for him aren’t your thing, or you’d rather get him something he’s been talking about non stop that you know he’ll love, you can still put a fun DIY spin on it with a scavenger hunt!

Come up with some cute rhymes on cut out construction paper hearts or on some queue cards and he’ll have a blast running around trying to figure it all out.

DIY it at home:

I hope you enjoyed this list of DIY gifts for him!

What did you think?

Were there any DIY gifts for him that you think should have made the list?

Let me know in the comments down below and thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

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