29 Thoughtful & Boyfriend Approved Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Looking for Valentines day gift ideas for him? This post has a collection of thoughtful & boyfriend approved Valentines day gift ideas for him that he’s guaranteed to love!

valentines day gift ideas for him

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Every one of these gifts was vetted (or suggested) by my boyfriend, so you can be sure that these are Valentines day gift ideas for him that he will actually use and be happy to receive!

If you’re looking to read your significant other’s mind and find some unique Valentines day gift ideas for him that you won’t find anywhere else, then this is the gift guide for you!

What are you waiting for?

Read on to see the list of 29 thoughtful & boyfriend approved Valentines day gift ideas for him!

Top Valentines day gift ideas for him:

Best Overall: Playstation Games

Best Tech: Airpods

Most Unique: Cocktail Machine

Most Practical: Watch Box

Most Popular: PS5 Console

Best Under $25: Beard Grooming Kit

Most Sentimental: What I Love About You Book

Valentines day gift ideas for him:

1. Fill in the blank book

cute valentines day gift ideas for him

This book may be small, but it is bursting with a lot of deep feelings.

Fill it out from you to your boo by following the prompts inside and there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

2. A great card

valentine's day gift ideas for him pinterest
valentine's day 2020 gift ideas for him

There were so many more funny Valentine’s day cards to choose from, but this blog post would go on forever if I included them all!

3. PS5 console

valentine's day 2021 gift ideas for him
valentine's day gift bag ideas for him

Hopefully this console needs no introduction, because this is the MOST POPULAR GIFT on this list of Valentines day gift ideas for him!

No joke – I think if you get him this he’ll probably cry … and then game with the boys while ignoring you for the rest of the night lol.

The PS5 is super hard to get your hands on right now, so just try to stay on top of all the rumoured restocks happening and don’t give up.

Pro tip: If your boyfriend downloads all his games digitally – get the digital edition (it’s slightly cheaper than the one with the disk slot for physical games).

4. Playstation games

These are the games my boyfriend said are the most popular:

cute gift ideas for valentines day for him

Getting him the new Call of Duty will probably get you the best girlfriend award, but be warned… he’ll probably want to start playing it right away!

free valentine's day gift ideas for him
valentine's day gift ideas for him india

Nothing says I love you like supporting his gaming obsession even more haha

If your boyfriend has been lucky enough to snag one of the new and highly sought after PS5 consoles, then getting him some of these popular games will help him enjoy it even more!

There are also PS4 versions of these games available though if he’s not on the new system yet.

5. Playstation accessories

valentine's day gift ideas for him usa
valentine's day gift ideas for him canada

I’m sure you’re sensing a pattern in the past few suggestion haha.

If you still want to be a supportive girlfriend when it comes to his gaming and he prefers to buy his games digitally like my boyfriend does, then getting him some much-needed accessories, like an extra controller or wireless charging stand, is the way to go!

The charging station is super handy because he won’t have to plug in his controllers to charge anymore (and it displays his controllers in a cool way).

6. Whiskey gift box

cheap valentine's day gift ideas for him

This whiskey set is ready for gifting!

It comes in a beautiful wooden case with glasses, whiskey stones, tongs, and coasters.

It’s also surprisingly affordable and has amazing reviews.

Add a bottle of his favourite whiskey to go the extra mile and he’ll want to try this out right away!

7. Watch box/roll

valentines day gift ideas for him 2019
valentines day gift ideas for him 2020

Most men love watches, but my boyfriend is on a whole other level with how much he appreciates and knows about them haha.

He said that if your man is in the market for a watch box, then Wolf watch boxes are hands down the best of the best!

8. Beef jerky bouquet

valentines day gift ideas for him 2021

I kept seeing this suggestion on a few other valentines day gift ideas for him guides and thought to myself:

Who the heck would want beef jerky as a gift?

Then I asked my boyfriend if he’d like it and he got so excited about beef jerky guys!

Men love food in general, so just trust the beef jerky hype and don’t question it lol

The fact that these are assembled like a bouquet makes it extra funny and special for Valentines day too!

9. Bartender kit & mixology book

valentines day gift ideas for him amazon
valentines day gift ideas for him diy

Does your guy fancy himself a mixologist?

This bartender kit and incredibly popular and affordable mixology book are the perfect gifts!

Whether you get one or both, he’s sure to be impressed (and will most definitely make you a drink as a thank you!)

The mixology book explains the basic set up of a bar, what you’re going to need to get started, and has over 1000 cocktail recipes!

The recipes are also detailed step by step instructions, have pictures of the type of glass each recipe needs, and what type of garnish to use.

Many people raved about this being the only mixology book they’ll ever need, but don’t just take my word for it, read more of their reviews here!

10. Beer in a cheesy (but cute) carrier

small gift ideas for valentines day for him

Grab a six pack of his favourite beer, put it in this cute & punny carrier and you’re good to go!

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11. Sports merch

valentines day gift ideas for him teenage

My boyfriend loves Formula 1, so that’s why I linked the Lewis Hamilton hat above.

But regardless of what sport or team your guy is into, there are tons of options to check out like the NFL shop (US link here & CAN link here), NHL shop (US link here & CAN link here) and more sports merchandise for men on Amazon!

12. Sports streaming subscription

This year for my boyfriend’s birthday, I got him a subscription to F1 TV so that he could watch all the races around the world on his own time (rather than having to wake up at crazy hours to catch it live or miss races completely).

He totally loved it!

If your guy loves Formula 1 as well, I highly recommend checking out F1TV as a gift. All you have to do is choose your country from the drop-down here for F1TV pricing.

If your guy is more into NFL, MLB or soccer then a DAZN subscription would be perfect!

DAZN has every NFL game, MLB and great soccer coverage (Premier League, UEFA Champion’s League, Serie A, MLS, Europa League & more).

He’s sure to think of you every time he watches a game and how lucky he is that you came up with such a thoughtful idea!

13. Airpods

valentines day gift ideas for him south africa
valentines day gift ideas for him australia

Give him the gift of great-sounding music for when he’s commuting, running, working, studying or just chilling.

14. Customizable messages in a bottle

valentines day gift ideas for him personalized

This is the cutest sentimental gift ever!

Inside each cylinder is a small piece of paper that you can write something sweet on.

He’ll love opening them and reading what’s inside whenever you’re not around or if he just needs a reminder of how much you love him and why.

15. 4Ocean bracelet

valentines day gift ideas for him cheap

If your guy loves the ocean and the environment, this is an awesome gift idea for him.

I got the shark one for my boyfriend (becuase that’s his favourite animal) and he loved the design and has actually bought a few more for himself since!

The added bonus of this gift is that every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

How awesome is that!?

If you want to double your impact, you can get matching bracelets too!

16. His favourite snacks

valentines day gift ideas for husband

If you’re looking for an easy and thoughtful Valentines gift for him, then go out and buy a bunch of his favourite snacks (candy, chocolate, chips).

It’s snacks so you know he’ll love it and remembering all his favourites will show you listen and know him well!

The chocolate gift set above is especially wonderful if you live far from your guy, but still want to send him something to enjoy on Valentines day.

It comes packaged in a nice box and has stellar reviews!

17. S’well travel mug

S’well mugs and water bottles are top notch quality and this wooden design is the perfect professional-looking travel mug for any guy.

18. Putting mat

This putting mat is perfect for the golf loving man in your life and has impressive reviews by golfers that use this to practice every morning.

He’ll have you and this gift to thank for his short game improvement!

19. Cocktail machine

If he’s into old fashioneds and whiskey sours, then he’ll really appreciate having a bartender of his very own at home at the push of a button!

The Drinkworks Cocktail Machine is more affordable than the Bartesian, but for a little bit extra the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine has a sleeker & fancier design and the quality of the drinks are slightly better.

The other main difference is that the Bartesian let’s you put your own booze of choice into the resevoirs, whereas the Drinkworks machine already has it in the pods.

So if he likes to choose his own liqour, go with the Bartesian.

20. Scratch poster with 100 dates

If you’re looking for a gift under $15 that will help you spend quality time together, then this scratch poster is perfect!

It’s filled with 100 date ideas for you and your guy to scratch and go off on a spontaneous adventure!

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21. Fun socks

Whether he’s a gamer, a fan of memes, or loves burgers, there are a ton of funny socks for men out there he will love to wear and show off.

22. Beard grooming kit

I’m not sure when beard oil and grooming got so popular, but I’m here for it.

This kit has everything your boyfriend will ever need to get the perfect beard!

It’s also SUPER highly rated (read the reviews here and see for yourself), a #1 Amazon bestseller and is very reasonably priced (if you can find it for under $25 then it’s a steal!)

23. Personalized pocket knife

This pocket knife can be personalized by getting his name and an important date (like your first date or wedding day) engraved in a few different font choices.

24. Funny mug

My boyfriend and I had a good laugh at the mugs above, but there are so many more to choose from if you want to personalize them to your guy’s humour and interests.

25. Duffel bag

Every guy needs a duffel bag and these are two great choices!

Make this even more special by filling it with some of his favourite things (like snacks) so that it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

26. Graphic Tee

While the above are some great suggestions we’re sure your man would love, think of his interests and look for a fun shirt based off that.

For example, my boyfriend loves Marvel, so neat comic tees are my go-to!

27. Toiletry bag

This is a great present if you’re travelling somewhere together soon and you can fill it with toiletries so that he’s ready to go.

This gift is more practical, but it will also get you both excited for your upcoming trip!

Alternatively, you could fill it with little love notes to make it more sentimental.

28. Hydro flask beer growler

Warm up his heart this Valentines day by giving him a high-quality growler that will keep his beer ice cold.

29. Bluetooth beanie

If he lives in a climate that has a colder winter, this Bluetooth beanie is perfect for listening to music and taking calls on the go, while keeping his head and ears warm!

I hope you enjoyed this list of Valentines day gift ideas for him!

What did you think?

Were there any Valentines day gift ideas for him that you think should have made the list?

Let me know in the comments down below and thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

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