15 Amazing Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas That Will Wow Everyone

Looking for inspiration this holiday season? This gorgeous apartment Christmas decor will make everyone jealous of your holiday style!

apartment Christmas decor

I don’t know about you guys, but once November 1st rolls around I instantly switch gears into the Christmas season!

Maybe it’s because I live in Canada and we have our Thanksgiving a lot earlier than in the US, but once Halloween is done, the next holiday on my mind is Christmas.

Actually, I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, so really I start getting excited for Christmas right after Canadian Thanksgiving haha!

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Getting ready for the holidays

I love everything about the holiday season!

The weather, the family time, the movies, the music, the food, and the fact that everyone seems just a little bit kinder to each other in the spirit of the season (although it would be awesome if everyone was kind to each other year round).

But I especially love decorating for the holidays!

So I wanted to share some of the inspiration I came across this year and how you can recreate this apartment Christmas decor at home!

I also have two other Christmas decor posts that you can check out for 32 more Christmas decor ideas!

Whether you’re looking for apartment Christmas decor, small apartment Christmas decor or just general Christmas home decor ideas – all of these inspirational images can be recreated to fit your space and achieve your Christmas decor vision!

So turn on some Michael Buble Christmas music and get ready to be inspired by these gorgeous apartment Christmas decor ideas!

15 Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas

The apartment Christmas decor ideas below are categorized by room, including Christmas decor inspiration for your bedroom, your living room, and your kitchen.

Remember that these are meant to inspire your creativity, so if you like items from many different images, you can always mix and match them!

Or put them in an entirely different room of the house than the category those items are under in the list below.

There’s no right answers and just have fun decorating!

Apartment Christmas decor ideas for bedroom:

1. Winter Shelf

Dress up any shelf in your apartment or the headboard of your bed with some lit garland, white reindeer figurines, little trees, and a wooden Christmas sign.

To make things extra Christmas-y, add an accent pillow and a Santa to your nightstand.

Does anyone else hear Will Ferrell screaming “SANTAAAA!!!!!!!” every time you read that word?

No? Just me?…

Recreate it:
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2. Wood Accents

The farmhouse Christmas aethetic is sooo popular and I AM HERE FOR IT!

The wooden tree collar, neat tree stump side table display, and the beautiful real looking pine wreath all look gorgeous together.

If you’re looking for apartment Christmas decor that is natural, but still festive, this is it!

Recreate it:
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3. Slim Tree

Not enough room in your apartment for a tree? Think again!

This slim tree is not only space-saving but is also a really trendy and beautiful alternative to a traditional big Christmas tree.

Add a pretty wreath and string some dainty fairy lights along a shelf, across your headboard, or around the tree itself and you’re good to go!

Recreate it:
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4. Santa & Mrs. Clause

These pillows are the cutest idea!!

The wood Christmas signs are also great because they’re homey, festive, and you can personalize them by finding your favourite Christmas sayings!

Recreate it:
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5. Fair Isle Fun

Is there a print more Christmas-y than fair isle?

I mean maybe buffalo plaid, but we’re getting to that one later in this list.

Bring a bright and festive Christmas to your bedroom instantly and easily with this fair isle duvet cover set, pillows, and tree skirt!

Recreate it:
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Apartment Christmas decor ideas for living room:

6. Rustic Corner

This Charlie Brown Christmas tree comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate any space and the galvanized metal bucket gives it a really cool rustic vibe.

Decorate it with some colourful ornaments and put out a few tabletop wooden trees to tie everything together!

Recreate it:
apartment Christmas decor ideas
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7. Black & White Plaid

Who doesn’t love plaid?

Whether you opt for black and white plaid or red buffalo check, a consistent pattern sprinkled throughout a room in various different ways always looks so good!

Recreate it:
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8. Eucalyptus Mantel

Okay, so hear me out.

You probably don’t have a fireplace mantel in your apartment.

BUT… this same technique with eucalyptus, wooden beads, and a wood art piece would look stunning across any dresser, TV stand, or shelf in your apartment!

Recreate it:
Apartment Christmas decor ideas for mantel
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Apartment Christmas decor ideas for stairs

9. White Christmas

Flocked Christmas trees are absolutely STUNNING!

The one recommended below also has some of the best reviews I’ve seen for a Christmas tree on Amazon and looks super life-like!

The metal tree skirt with the “farm fresh” decal, along with some bright white Christmas ornaments, will have you dreaming of a white Christmas every night.

Recreate it:
Apartment Christmas decor ideas for entryway
Apartment Christmas decor ideas for dining room

10. Basket Tree

Looking for a bohemian, minimalist, easy-to-set-up Christmas tree?

Put a flocked tree in a wicker basket and twirl some bead garland around it.

VOILA! That’s it!

Now go watch a Christmas movie and drink some hot chocolate with all the time you saved!

Recreate it:

Apartment Christmas decor ideas for kitchen:

11. Barstool Wreaths

How cute is this idea for your kitchen bar stools or dining room chairs!?

Any small wreaths will do, but the handmade lambs ear wreaths below are my absolute favourite!

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, the boxwood wreaths below would also look great.

Stick a bow on each one with some ribbon, tie them to the chairs, and get ready for a whole bunch of compliments on your apartment Christmas decor!

Recreate it:

12. Cabinet Wreaths

Don’t stop at the chairs, add some flair to your kitchen cabinets with hanging wreaths too!

Add pops of colour with plaid ribbon and a set of festive kitchen towels.

Recreate it:

13. Tree Tray

This beautiful and simple Christmas centrepiece adds sparkle and elegance to any room!

It’s especially perfect for your kitchen island, dining room table, entryway table, or bathroom counter.

Recreate it:

14. Holly-cow, what a cute centrepiece!

Terrible pun aside, this is a stunning centrepiece!

It’s super easy to put together too.

All you need is a few mason jars, twine, and some holly stems.

An awesome thing about this centrepiece is that you can swap out what’s inside the mason jars to match the decor of the season you’re in.

I’m thinking sunflowers, fresh tulips, birch branches with autumn leaves – really it’s up to you!

And the best part is that you get to tell everyone you “made” it (shhh they don’t need to know how easy it was!)

Recreate it:

15. Santa Chairs

If the chair wreaths weren’t your thing, this is a really fun, festive and affordable alternative to jazz up your chairs for the holidays!

Recreate it:

I hope you loved these apartment Christmas decor ideas!

If you did, please let me know what ideas you tried out or if there’s any go-to apartment Christmas decor you have that wasn’t on this list!

And if you’re comfortable emailing me pictures of how everything turned out, I would love to see them!

Just send them along to [email protected]

Please also don’t forget to pin this post for reference when you start to decorate for the holidays!

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