13 Small Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas For Guaranteed Compliments

Do you have a small space with big holiday ideas? This collection of small apartment Christmas decor ideas is perfect for your humble (or big) home!

small apartment Christmas decor

I don’t know about you guys, but once November 1st rolls around I instantly switch gears into the Christmas season!

Maybe it’s because I live in Canada and we have our Thanksgiving a lot earlier than in the US, but once Halloween is done, the next holiday on my mind is Christmas.

Actually, I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, so really I start getting excited for Christmas right after Canadian Thanksgiving haha!

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Getting ready for the holidays

I love everything about the holiday season!

The weather, the family time, the movies, the music, the food, and the fact that everyone seems just a little bit kinder to each other in the spirit of the season (although it would be awesome if everyone was kind to each other year round).

But I especially love decorating for the holidays!

So I wanted to share some of the inspiration I came across this year and how you can recreate this small apartment Christmas decor at home!

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Whether you’re looking for apartment Christmas decor, small apartment Christmas decor, or just general Christmas home decor ideas – all of these inspirational images can be recreated to fit your space and achieve your Christmas decor vision!

So turn on some Michael Buble Christmas music and get ready to be inspired by these gorgeous & easy small apartment Christmas decor ideas!

13 Small Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas:

1. Bells & Hanging Wreaths

Throw some holiday spirit into your entryway with some hanging bells on your coat closet handle, some little wreaths floating up above, and a neutral cream pot with a small Christmas tree.

Recreate it:

small apartment christmas decorating ideas
how to decorate small apartment for christmas
christmas decorating a small apartment

2. Nutcrackers & Books

Who doesn’t love nutcrackers? Pick out a few of these guys (or gals!) to match your theme or colour scheme. Then put them up on the shelf with some Christmas books with pretty covers or that are sentimental to you.

Recreate it:

christmas decorations indoor small apartment
small apartment apartment christmas decorating ideas
christmas decorations in a small apartment

3. Slim Tree & Twinkle Lights

Living in a small space can be tough when you want to go all out for Christmas, but this tall and slim Christmas tree is the perfect solution! Hang up a snow covered wreath and some twinkle lights across your headboard or dresser and voila!

Recreate it:

christmas decorate small apartment
decorate small apartment for christmas
decorating for christmas small apartment

4. Wood Accents & Festive Pillow

Amp up the festive spirit anywhere in your apartment by adding a wreath (from above), some wooden accents (like birch logs, a vertical sign & a toolbox) and tie it together with a festive pillow!

Recreate it:

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5. Cozy Ladder

This ladder is a more subtle small apartment Christmas decor idea, but nonetheless gives your apartment a warm feeling during the winter season.

It fits anywhere you have some spare wall space in your apartment and doubles as storage and a display for your winter blankets (or even stockings!)

Recreate it:

6. Ornament Basket

This small apartment Christmas decor idea is easy, bright, and SO FESTIVE!

Grab a wire basket, some ornaments and put it out on display. Does it get easier than that!?

Recreate it:

7. Christmas Chalkboard & Letterboard

If you want something you can personalize (and even use outside of the holidays), then this chalkboard and letterboard are the perfect small apartment Christmas decor pieces for you!

Recreate it:

8. Minimalist Basket Tree

Looking for something small, simple, but still festive? Look no further than this minimalist basket tree!

Recreate it:

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9. Christmas Truck Decor

Christmas truck decor has become EXTREMELY popular lately and it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon!

They capture that special moment of finding the perfect tree and bringing it home to decorate it all together.

Recreate it:

10. Christmas Chalk Wall

This small apartment Christmas decor idea takes up absolutely no room at all!

Just find a bare wall (or even the side of a dresser/cabinet/fridge), stick on this roll of chalk paper, and get to writing/drawing with some colourful chalk markers!

Shout out to the Elf movie quote on the chalk wall in this inspiration picture haha

Recreate it:

11. Mini Tree Forest

Sprinkle different sizes and colours of these cute little trees throughout your apartment for a pretty, simple and affordable Christmas look!

Recreate it:

12. Snowflakes

If you’re really good at making snowflake garlands, then totally DIY this one.

Otherwise, the hanging snowflakes and stick-on snowflakes below are super affordable, very highly rated, and will make your apartment look like a beautiful winter wonderland!

Recreate it:

13. Christmas Banner

Drape this banner across a dresser, shelf, tv stand or even wrap it around your tree.

Anywhere you choose to display it will look really cute and make anyone who looks at it smile with anticipation for Christmas!

Recreate it:

I hope you loved these small apartment Christmas decor ideas!

If you did, please let me know what ideas you tried out or if there’s any go-to small apartment Christmas decor you have that wasn’t on this list!

And if you’re comfortable emailing me pictures of how everything turned out, I would love to see them!

Just send them along to [email protected]

Please also don’t forget to pin this post for reference when you start to decorate for the holidays.

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