Identical Drugstore Dupes For 15 Best Selling MAC Lipstick Shades

Love MAC lipstick shades, but not the MAC prices? Get the same look for less with some of the best mac lipstick drugstore dupes below!

What is MAC’s most popular lipstick?

MAC’s Velvet Teddy lipstick is the most popular MAC lipstick shade in the world and is the world’s favorite beauty product overall.

This shade works with so many different skin tones and is my personal favorite shade.

If you’re going to get one official MAC lipstick, then get Velvet Teddy.

Not ready to splurge yet?

Don’t worry, there’s a lipstick dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy and so many other popular shades below!

What is the cost of a Mac lipstick?

MAC lipsticks retail for $19 USD, $24 CAD and Rs. 1700.

While their quality, formula and color selection make their lipsticks worth the splurge in my opinion, everyone loves an affordable alternative.

Is MAC lipstick available in Sephora?


There are many different MAC lipstick types (matte, satin, lustre, glaze, frost, cremesheen & amplified) and Sephora carries most of these formulas in the most popular shades.

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Best MAC Lipstick Dupes From The Drugstore:

1. MAC Yash Lipstick Dupe – NYX Exposed

A dupe for MAC’s Yash lipstick is one of the most widely searched MAC lipstick dupes on the internet.

The NYX Simply Nude lipstick in the color Exposed is an IDENTICAL deep neutral shade dupe for the MAC Yash lipstick color!

Check out just how close of a dupe this is (wild right!?):

2. MAC Taupe Lipstick Dupe – Milani Matte Beauty

MAC’s matte Taupe lipstick is another extremely popular shade, because of how flattering it is on many different skin tones.

The best MAC Taupe lipstick dupe out there is Milani’s Matte Beauty lipstick.

How crazy similar do these look!?

3. MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick Dupe – Revlon Mauve It Over

In case you missed the section at the top, MAC’s Velvet Teddy lipstick is the MOST POPULAR MAC LIPSTICK SHADE IN THE WORLD!

This shade is just *chef’s kiss*

If you’re not ready to take the plunge on the real deal just yet, then the Revlon Mauve It Over lipstick is pretty much a spot-on MAC Velvet Teddy bare lipstick dupe.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look for yourself:

4. MAC Lady Danger Lipstick Dupe – Milani Matte Passion

Another classic and uber-popular lipstick shade is the MAC Lady Danger lipstick and is known to be one of the best MAC lipsticks for dark skin.

An incredible MAC Lady Danger lipstick dupe is Milani’s Matte Passion.

They both have the exact same stunning red shade that’s so flattering on the lips for any occasion.

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5. MAC High Drama Lipstick Dupe – Colourpop LAX

Looking for a MAC High Drama liquid lipstick dupe?

Colourpop’s LAX Ultra Matte Lip is the same deep, pigmented, velvety and vampy shade.

It’s almost hard to tell them apart!

6. MAC Brave Lipstick Dupe – Maybelline Warm Me Up or L’Oreal Tender Berry

MAC’s Brave lipstick is another fan favourite for its beautiful pink-beige color and beautiful satin finish.

Maybelline’s Warm Me Up lipstick is a shockingly good drugstore dupe for the MAC Brave lipstick, as you can tell from the picture below.

Another stellar MAC Brave lipstick dupe is the L’Oreal lipstick in the shade Tender Berry.

7. MAC Diva Lipstick Dupe – Maybelline Divine Wine

Who doesn’t love the intense reddish-burgundy shade of the trendy MAC Diva lipstick?

Maybelline’s Divine Wine lipstick is an exact drugstore dupe for MAC Diva lipstick.

Check out the proof below:

8. MAC Honeylove Lipstick Dupe – L’Oreal Fairest Nude

MAC’s Honeylove lipstick is a sought after light beige-rose shade with a matte finish.

The best drugstore dupe for the MAC Honeylove lipstick is the L’Oreal Fairest Nude lipstick.

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9. MAC Media Lipstick Dupe – Revlon Black Cherry

The MAC Media lipstick shade is one of the most well-loved fall MAC lipstick shades and Revlon’s Black Cherry lipstick is an UNBELIEVABLE drugstore dupe for the MAC Media lipstick!

It has an identical intense reddish-purple shade that’s perfect for fall or any other time you want to add a little bit of drama to your lips.

10. MAC Myth Lipstick Dupe – Maybelline Barely Bloomed

If you’re in the market for a creamy light neutral nude shade, then MAC’s Myth lipstick is what you’re looking for.

If that’s out of your price range then Maybelline’s Barely Bloomed lipstick is an excellent drugstore dupe for the MAC Myth lipstick.

11. MAC Russian Red Lipstick Dupe – Milani Matte Confident

As a blonde, MAC’s Russian Red has always been my (and many others’) favourite MAC red lipstick.

No wonder it’s a best-seller!

The Milani Matte Confident lipstick is a superb MAC Russian Red lipstick dupe and gives you the same perfect bluish-red shade that makes you feel instantly sexy.

12. MAC Twig Lipstick Dupe – Maybelline Touch of Spice

MAC’s Twig lipstick is an extremely in demand soft muted brownish-pink shade that is especially flattering for brown skin.

A drugstore dupe for the MAC Twig lipstick that is identical in color and equally as flattering is the Maybelline Touch of Spice lipstick.

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13. MAC Sin Lipstick Dupe – Maybelline Burgundy Blush

MAC’s Sin lipstick is another well-loved deep dark blue-red that’s perfect for a night out.

Get the same look for less with Maybelline’s Burgundy Blush lipstick (the most perfect drugstore dupe for MAC Sin lipstick).

14. MAC Whirl Lipstick Dupe – Maybelline Nude Nuance

MAC’s Whirl lipstick is the most perfect dusty rose shade that’s great for everyday wear.

If you’re looking to spend less on a daily lipstick you may go through quickly, Maybelline’s Nude Nuance is a spot on drugstore shade dupe for MAC Whirl lipstick.

15. MAC Mehr Lipstick Dupe – Rimmel London Kate 104 or NYX Matte Whipped Caviar

The last of the MAC lipstick dupes, but certainly not the least, is for the MAC Mehr lipstick shade.

Get the same mid-tone mauve pink from Rimmel London’s Kate 104 lipstick.

If that’s not available, NYX’s Matte Whipped Caviar lipstick is another great MAC Mehr lipstick dupe from the drugstore that you’ll be super impressed with.


Did you like this round-up of the best MAC lipstick dupes you can get at the drugstore?

I hope this blog post at least helped you find some more affordable alternatives for your favorite MAC lipstick shades (or ones you’ve been excited to try out).

Are there any other MAC lipstick dupes that you’ve come across that aren’t in this?

Please share them below as I (and I’m sure many other readers) would love to know about them!

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